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Business Development & Milestones

Our Group’s history can be traced back to 1979 when Mr. Tong Ying Chiu founded a small family business to manufacture simple plastic products in Hong Kong.

In 1992, we moved our production base to the PRC to increase our production capacity and cater for our business expansions.

After 30 years of development, our Group continued to grow and our products were sold to customers which are located in Australia, the UK, the United States, New Zealand and Germany, etc.

Business milestones - 

July 1979

  • Our predecessor Sun Cheong Industrial Co. was established as a sole proprietor business for the manufacturing of simple plastic products

November 1992

  • Production base moved to the PRC

January 2010

  • First launched products under our own brand “clipfresh”

  • Obtained a patented design for a lid for storage containers in Hong Kong, such patent being applied in products under our own brand “clipfresh”

November 2013

  • Obtained the Operational Excellence Award granted by Kmart

January 2014

  • Obtained the Global Manufacturer Certificate (GMC)

December 2014

  • First obtained the ISO 9001:2008 certificate

October 2015

  • Obtained the Achievement Award issued by Intertek

January 2017

  • Obtained Hong Kong Top Brand Awards 2016 for our brand “clipfresh”


Business Development & Milestones

Products under our “clipfresh” brand

Products sold under our “clipfresh” brand mainly include food storage containers and drinkware of different series. Generally, our “clipfresh” brand products are targeting at higher quality and meeting more stringent safety and certification standards. We target to position our “clipfresh” products as mid-to-high end products in the market. The products are microwave/oven safe and freezer safe and, depending on the series of products, can withstand temperatures up to 400 degree Celsius. These containers are sealed with a unique patented durable clip locking system which provides a feature of air and liquid proof and keeps food safe from air, moisture and odours.

We launched three series of products under our “clipfresh” brand: (i) plastic series; (ii) glass series; and (iii) ceramic series. Our “clipfresh” products are generally liquid proof, pest proof, odour proof, moist proof and carrying the high-heat thermal resistant feature.


Plastic series

This series of products include (a) classic plastic food storage containers and large storage containers with various volume fit for multi-purposes and storage of household articles such as towels, sundry, utensils and gadgets; (b) food storage containers made of tritan plastic; and (c) food storage containers having a detachable inner silicone tray.

They are food contact safe, microwave safe, dishwasher safe and freezer safe. They are BPA-free and have met the standards required by FDA and LFGB. Products under this series can withstand a temperature range from -20 degree Celsius to 260 degree Celsius.

Glass series

This series of products are made of borosilicate glass. They are food contact safe, microwave and oven safe, dishwasher safe and freezer safe. Products under this series can withstand a temperature range from -20 degree Celsius to 400 degree Celsius.


Ceramic series

This highly decorative series of ceramic containers can be served directly on the table. They are food contact safe, microwave and oven safe, dishwasher safe and freezer safe. The ceramic containers can be used for baking and can withstand a temperature range from -30 degree Celsius to 250 degree Celsius.

Awards and Recognition


In recognition of our quality and management, we have been granted a number of awards and certifications.

The following table sets forth the major awards/certifications received by us: